Friday, February 11, 2011

Life is so fun at 5

Not to say that life isn't fun at any other age, but at 5 just about anything in life is fun, or can be made fun.  I love that attitude.
Even the covers off a pair of binoculars can be fun.

Really, really fun and extremely entertaining.

It is important to remember it is the little things in life that make it memorable and fun.  I need to take cues from my 5 year old more often.  Life is so fun!


  1. awesome - I remember big empty boxes being a LOT of fun as a child... something happened along the way because now they just look like garbage that will be a pain to have picked up... (which is what I think my Grandfather said 35 years ago)

    your magical little 5 year old has a good reminder - beauty and fun IS in the eye of the beholder - he always has aMAZing eyes :)

  2. I love this... and such a blessing to remind us that there is almost some fun in anything!

  3. What a cute 5 yr old! So true, and yes a great reminder!