Monday, February 21, 2011

A Blue Jeans Week 5

Is it just me, or do these weeks seem to fly by?  Where, oh where, does the time go???  Here is what we have been up to. . .
Sunday:  Valentine's dinner at my mom and dad's.  This dinner tradition started with my great-grandma. When my grandma was a little girl her mother always made Valentine's dinner a big deal.  It was served in the dining room on the best china.  They had to wear their Sunday best to dinner, and the dining room was decorated very nicely, but they were not allowed to enter until dinner.  In the center of the dining room table was a big gift box with presents inside and strings attached to each present and going out to each place setting.  If my grandma and her 4 sisters ate all their Valentine's dinner, then they got to pull their string and get their gift.  My grandma carried this tradition on to her kids--my mom and aunts and uncles, and they all passed the tradition on to their kids--me, my siblings and cousins, and now the tradition continues with my kids and nieces and nephews.  So I think we are on the 4th generation.  So, we had our fancy Valentine's dinner at my parents on Sunday and you can see the box in the middle with the strings out to each place.  Mr J taped his string to his forehead to make sure he didn't get it mixed up with anyone else's.   
Monday:  Valentine's Day--we had our family Valentine's party and opened our family Valentine's box.  Some pretty fancy cards this year.  The kids (and Ben) never cease to amaze me with their creativity.  
Tuesday:  Miss O's finished Colonial Fair project board.  Tons of work, and she did a great job!  Why is it school projects get bigger and bigger as my kids get older???? 
Wednesday:  Our snow is gone, and we have had beautiful 60 degree days.  The kids have taken advantage of them and enjoyed covering the driveway with sidewalk chalk art.  Love the pot of gold and the rainbow by Miss O. 
Thursday:  Another beautiful day, and no school because of conferences, so Miss O headed to the porch swing to do her favorite thing--read!  So love my porch swing! 
Friday:  no school again, so we headed up to the city with Nana and ate dinner at Chipotle.  Love that place.   
Saturday:  Miss A and a friend did a National History Day project/board and went to the regional competition today.  They won in their category and are headed to the state competition in April.  Way to go girls!  They did a board on the conflict between the states of Colorado and Kansas over the Arkansas river. 
Hope you all had a good week! 



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  2. I love your family traditions! So great that you are carrying them on. Looks like you had a large group! Its always fun with more people.