Friday, February 4, 2011

A slight change in the weather

Talk about a slight change in the weather. . .
This was Saturday in our backyard, sunny, 65--beautiful!! 
This is Tuesday--3 days later--same backyard, blizzard, negative 15 with the windchill.  I have no idea what they are doing outside--their awesome Dad is with them, and snow forts obviously take precedence over any weather condition.  I took the picture from inside my 70 degree house with the fireplace roaring while I was drinking my hot chocolate.
 And this is after 3 days of no school because of said blizzard.  I think I am ready for a slight weather change back now :)


  1. Crazy! We have frigid weather, but not much snow. When is spring coming?

  2. my boys just returned from winter camping (45 minutes north) where they slept in snow caves... they got home and stripped down to jeans and t-shirts (no shoes) before emptying their backpacks and laying out their gear to dry. one of the pillows was still Icy :)

    Here's hoping for a positive change in your weather!!!