Friday, March 11, 2011

An amazing discovery

Last Saturday when we were flea market exploring Mr J was so excited to show me something.  Ben had taken them to the flea markets before without me, and Mr J had an amazing discovery that he kept telling me about. "Mom, you have got to see this phone!!!"  So as soon as we walked into the shop that had the phone he grabbed my hand and pulled me straight into the back of the store, then he showed me this. . .
"Look!  Look, Mom!  Look!  Look at this old phone.  Dad said he had one of these when he was a kid!!!!"  He was so excited about it.  I had to hold back a laugh.  "Yeah," I said smiling, "I had one of those phones when I was a kid too."  He looked at me with big eyes and said in awe, "Wow!"  Then he stood there and dialed the numbers for a long time.  It was just about the coolest thing to him.  So fun.  Did you have one of these phones growing up?  If so, you are amazing to my son :)  I think I am going to go back and buy it for him to play with.  What an amazing discovery.


  1. amazing how things change in our lifetimes, huh? How fun !

  2. cracking. me. up! oh boy, at least now it's "cool" instead of old and lame :)

  3. What a cute boy! I still remember dialing up my friends on one of those. My grandma's number took forever to dial because it had several 0's in it.