Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Blue Jeans Week 8

Sunday:  Our bedtime routine always starts with reading scriptures.  Tonight we did it up in our room, and our bed is the favorite place to read for the kids.
Monday:  Another bedtime routine, is the kids are allowed to read by themselves for 30 minutes (time allowing) after they are all ready for bed.  Miss O and Miss E love doing that.
Tuesday:  Tuesday routine involves me volunteering in the kids' school classes.  Sometimes I am lucky enough to be in Jesse's during recess.  Today they had indoor recess, and he got to play with the Lincoln logs.  He loves playing with those.
Wednesday:  For the girls' church activity tonight they got to learn how to tie a tie.  Miss E practiced very hard at it, and they are one up on their mom since I don't know how to tie one.  They will have to teach me now.
Thursday:  Front page news!  Miss E and my mom (who happens to be her school librarian) were on the front page of the paper promoting our town's reading project.  Our town picks 2 books each year and encourages everyone in the town to read them.  They hand out free books and have activities to go along with the book throughout the year.  The book this spring is The Wizard of Oz, thus we have the 2 good witches :)
Friday:  Sad day.  Miss E went out after school to feed our chickens, which are not pets but we have for egg production (see this post) and came running back in "Dad!  Dad!  One of the chickens is dying!!"  Sadly it did die, and we think it might have had a heart attack or stroke, but Ben and the kids buried it that evening.  Miss E made the gravestone.   Goodbye Miss Henrietta chicken.  Thank you for your brown eggs.  We will miss them. 
Saturday:  As part of our town's reading The Wizard of Oz  they showed the movie for free at an old movie theater in town.  It was the first time my kids had ever seen the movie.  What a classic.  They all enjoyed it, and especially the free, unlimited popcorn, too ;)  Hope you all had a good week!


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  1. Love the newspaper picture of your mom and miss E! How fun. So sad to hear about the chicken. I raised chickens as a young girl and I always felt so bad when one of them died. How sweet that you all gave her a nice burial.