Thursday, March 31, 2011

A berry farm--my wish

I just got a blueberry plant in the mail that I ordered in February.  It is sitting by my kitchen sink because I can't plant it anywhere yet--too cold and muddy!  But everytime I look at it I think that I want to live on a berry farm.  I love berries!  4 years ago I planted 50 strawberry plants, and last year I had strawberries coming out of my ears!  5 years ago I planted 5 blackberry bushes, and for the last two years we have had more blackberries than I know what to do with.  2 years ago I planted 6 raspberry bushes and they all died, so I tried again.  I planted 6 more and 2 died.  The 4 that lived have not been very productive, so I am thinking that raspberries will not have a place at my berry farm, but I am super excited to try my luck with the blueberries!  I could eat berries everyday of the year and not tire of them.  Are any of you berry farmers? or wanna-be berry farmers (like me)?  Just saying I am so ready for summer, and it snowed today!  Ugh!  I want to get going on my berry farm and get my blueberry bush off my kitchen counter :)


  1. Let me know how this goes. I have a super, awesome, amazing blueberry muffin recipe our family loves - uses sour cream and is to die for. In fact, I'm making some tomorrow morning for GC. :)

  2. Jen - here's that link to the blueberry recipe. Sorry I couldn't email you - cannot find your address.

    I'm probably talking it up more than I should. And I actually saw the episode where she made them - so that got me all wild about making them as well. But they are really so delicious and we love them. PS - make sure you use the muffin cups. I hate using them - would rather go without, but these are so moist - they end up sticking to the bottom if you dont have the cups.

    Let me know if you like them...

  3. Oooh! How great that you have a berry farm! I can't wait to try Rachael's recipe. She's the only other person besides my sister that I know that spells her name that way!