Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Blue Jeans Week 6

Sunday:  It is a Sunday tradition at our house to have "Sunday Night Treats."  Ben and Miss A were in charge of making it tonight, so they were pouring over cookbooks Sunday afternoon deciding what to make.  They settled on a berry cobbler with a maple cream sauce--oh. my. 
Monday:  Made the best cookies (see this post) for family night.  Mr J and Miss A helped spread out the melted Andes Mints--super yum!
Tuesday:  Piano day.  All my girls have piano lessons on Tuesdays evenings, and it makes for a busy night.
Wednesday:  Wash day.  One of my household rules is I only do laundry one day a week.  Wednesday is wash day, and all I do all day is laundry, but then I don't have to do it again for a whole week!
Thursday:  The girls like to play school with Mr J and give him assignments in a notebook--questions he has to answer, letters he has to write, simple math problems, etc.  They are good teachers.  Miss E helps him (while wearing her coolest sunglasses) with his "homework."

Friday:  Mr J and Miss E love any excuse to get into their PJ's.  So almost as soon as they get home from school on a Friday night, they jump into their PJ's.  Miss E shares her MP3 player with Mr J as they listen to an audio book The 39 Clues and enjoy a Friday evening. 
Saturday:  We love Lego's at our house, and Mr J is a master at making Lego trains.  Trains are just his thing, and you can usually find them all over the house.  Hope you all have a good week!


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  1. looks like you had a great but busy week! those cookies look delicious!