Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Blue Jeans Week 10

Sunday:  My sister was in town.  All my kids love their aunt, and she is so good to do their hair in fancy styles.  She did the girls' hair for church today.  So fun! 
Monday:  First day of spring break.  When my sister left Sunday she took 3 of my 4 kids with her for most of the week.  Miss A got to stick around with us, and she helped her grandpa paint his studio today.   
Tuesday:  Any on you have one of these hanging around your house this month?  Ours is on the front of the fridge, but sadly our teams are out--BYU and KU--so sad, but the kids have had fun filling in the brackets with who won. 
Wednesday:  Happy Birthday to me!  Miss A made me this beautiful necklace, and Ben made me a cheesecake with blackberry sauce that was to die for, and I got a new sewing machine!  Woohoo!  So excited!  It was a good day. 
Thursday:  My 3 other kids returned today and my pancake-loving boy requested pancakes for breakfast, and then I think he had them for lunch too--what is spring break for if you can't enjoy pancakes all day? 
Friday:  In our small town Dairy Queen is a big deal, and it always closes for the winter and opens sometime in March, and the week it opens that is all anyone talks about.  When you see someone the next thing out of their mouth after "Hi!" is "Did you know Dairy Queen is open?"  So we celebrated the end of spring break with our first trip to DQ for the season.  Miss O wasn't sure if her brother's blizzard was better than hers and tried to decide if she needed to trade.  In the end she stuck with her own--mint Oreo--yum!   
Saturday:  One of the most valuable classes I took while attending college was not a college class.  I took a once a week for 4 weeks community class in hair cutting.  I think the class cost me $12 to take, and I had to buy my scissors.  That investment was probably the best I have ever made.  I have been cutting my family's hair every since.  So today was haircut day--everyone had their turn.  In my mind I was adding up the cost of 5 haircuts, and I am very glad I took that class many years ago :)  Hope you all had a good week!



  1. How neat you can cut your family's hair!!

    Looks like you had a special week. Happy Belated birthday♥

  2. Happy Birthday!
    Funny about DQ. Same story here!

  3. Happy Belated Birthday! It was so fun to see you on Sunday. Wish we could have spent more time. I'll take what I can get. Your kids were so cute in Primary. I am so impressed that you cut all their hair! What a smart idea!

  4. I would love to take a class like that. Hmmm...wonder if there's one offered around here.

    And yes - wasn't that BYU loss so so sad...?