Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Blue Jeans Week 30

So we are getting caught up with things here.  Re-entry was a little rough, and school starts this Thursday!  So we are going crazy trying to get 4 sets of everything needed for school and names on everything--what would we do without sharpies??  But life is good, crazy, chaotic, loud, tearful, and insane at times, but still good.  Hope yours is too.
The last leg of our trip was definitely very relaxing.  We were at my grandparents' cabin in the mountains.  This was the glorious place where our van temperature read 43 degrees the morning we left.  We were sad to leave.  This is Mr J with his great-Grandpa "Grum" putting peanuts out for the birds to eat. 

And then Mr J watched and watched and waited for those birds to eat those peanuts!  It took them awhile, the birds must have been very busy else where that morning, but they eventually did come, and that made my little boy very happy :)  The joy of little things like peanuts and birds!

We all enjoyed lots of rides on the 4-wheeler through the mountains.  Ben and Miss O head off.

And sadly all good things must come to an end, so here we are happily (ha, ha, yeah right) heading home.  If I had a quarter for every time someone asked "how much longer?" or "Are we there yet?" we could retire next week.  It is probably a miracle my children are still alive at this point. . .

Wednesday, August 10:  But they are, thankfully, still alive, and even more amazing than that fact is that we actually had a garden that was still alive when we got home.  Miss O picked this monster of a watermelon when we got home today.

Thursday:  And Mr J really missed his train tracks while we were away, so today he covered my living room with an awesome train track, and even better he cleaned it up by himself without complaining (and that is not an extremely common occurrence at our house, is it at yours?).  Love that boy!

Friday:  Mr J loving the tree swing!

Saturday:  I am loving my surprise lilies!  So fun when they pop up!

So hope you all are well and that beginning of school goes well for all!  My kids are ready and excited to go back, and I, for one, am very excited school is starting--my to do list gets longer and longer every day.  Monday through Friday 7:45 to 3:45 with no kids--bring it on :)


  1. So now we know where your lovely, cooler vacation was spent. The view looks lovely.

    Congrats on the melon! And I love the lilies!

  2. 43 degrees! I've forgotten what that feels like.