Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Blue Jeans Week 32

We are getting into the school routine here.  Getting to bed earlier, getting homework done, getting up earlier.  Not all of this is to everyone's liking, but such is life.  We live and adjust and find joy in our journey together.  Some shots from our week. . .
Sunday:  We try to really make this a relaxed day.  Miss E and Miss O tackle a puzzle Sunday evening.  All my kids like puzzles.

Monday:  Mr J is in a silly stage right now.  He loves to be silly and make everyone laugh at his antics.  He is always telling me "Mom, take a picture of me!" and then he makes a silly face, then he instantly wants to look and see the picture I took, then he laughs and says, "Take another one!"  So this is just one silly shot of many of my boy. 
Tuesday:  Got a picture of Mr J with his 1st grade teacher.  Luckily his silliness just seems to stay at home and doesn't manifest itself at school--yet.  That is one thing I hope doesn't change :)

Wednesday:  Mr J was laughing at one of his sister's today about something.  What a cutie!

Thursday:  Miss E with her 4th grade teacher.  She doesn't look so sure about herself here, but the school year seems to be going well for her.  She says her teacher is 'Awesome!'

Friday:  After school Miss E takes some time to read some books to Mr J as they relax at the beginning of the weekend.  Weekends become much more special during the school year.

Saturday:  Went up to the city today to do some shopping.  Hit Costco, which is our favorite store, and Ben was trying to fit everything we bought plus the 4 kids into the van before we headed home.  It was a tight fit.  I was glad I was driving and not in the back :) That is our stock-up store.


  1. Great shot of your son laughing at his sisters--he's such a boy ;0)

  2. I don't want to say anything the wrong way, but Miss E's teacher looks a lot more fun than Mr. J's teacher - just saying :)