Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Catch up--Blue Jeans week 28

So I am trying to catch up after being gone and digging myself out of our laundry mountain and back-to-school supplies, so here goes. . .

Sunday July 24:  This was pioneer day and as an activity Miss A figured out the dimensions of a wagon and then the kids filled it.  Of course the requirement before this activity even began was they had to put everything away they got out :)  Not really a lot of room to put all your possessions in, they figured out they would have to leave a lot of things behind.  A good lesson.

Monday July 25:  Went to the city today and Miss O found online where an Orange Leaf self-serve yogurt was before we left.  If you haven't been to one of those, they are really good, but expensive, you pay by the ounce, and they have so many cool flavors you have to get a little of each. . . $12 for 2 yogurts, ouch! 
Started our trip--we stopped at my youngest sisters house along the long drive.  It was good to see them and their cute house in Russell right before they sold it and moved to Dodge City.

How we kept ourselves (semi)sane on the long drive to Utah--volleyball at the rest areas :)

One of the biggest highlights of our trip was seeing my brother and his family.  He has 4 boys, and triplets in those four.  They are so cute!  On the way home we asked the kids what was their favorite part of our vacation, and all of them said "playing with the triplets" or "trip-pel-lets" as Mr J says it :)
Another highlight was getting to hear Music and the Spoken word by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir live with Ben's dad.

So awesome live--better than any TV or CD--amazing!

Keep tuned more to come!

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