Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Catch up--Blue Jeans Week 29

2nd week of vacation, and apologies to our dear friends in Utah that we weren't able to see--with all Ben's family (7 siblings) and all my family and activities we just didn't have the time to see everyone we wanted to.  I hate not being able to see friends, but you can only do so much in the time you have, so forgive us friends, just come see us! :) 

At Ben's parents one of the favorite activities was racing balls down the stream. 

One of Mr J's highlights was riding on the Frontrunner train and seeing a freight train or "real train" as he told me "Mom, that is my first time seeing a real train outside a car!"

"And they are really loud!"  he yelled at me as it went right by and he covered his ears. 

Loved riding on the train with his cousins!
The Frontrunner was really run!  It is a commuter train, and we were able to go "on the top story" as the kids told everyone after. 

Did some hiking in the beautiful mountains!

So fun to go hiking with Grandpa and cousins!  We don't get that opportunity often in the flat lands!

So loved being with Ben's parents--they are amazing!  We love and miss you so much Grandpa and Grandma!  Come see us soon!

We made it a priority to get to our Alma-mater--haven't been there in years.  Ben was super excited to see the football stadium, he just really wished we could come back in a few more weeks to see a game--that would be fun.  We told Miss A when she gets there to school (in 5 years!) that we would come see a game with her.  Love BYU football--can't wait until they start!  Rise and Shout!

The "Y" on the mountain.  We were planning on hiking up to it, but it was too hot--we were wimps, so we went to the Art Museum and got ice cream at the creamery instead :)

The kids at Bridalveil falls.

Got to spend some time with my younger sister and her family.  They had to dig up some of their yard for an addition, and this sand is their soil!  I couldn't believe it.  They made a ready made sandbox by just digging up their yard!  That was mind boggling to us from the clay soil capital of the world!  Miss E had fun being buried in the sand by her cousins.

Miss E got to play some pool with her great-Grandpa!

Loved spending time with my grandparents--my kids great-grandparents.  I am so blessed they are healthy and happy and still around for my kids to treasure for a while!  What a blessing to see them!!

Relaxing at the pool--a vacation is supposed to be about relaxing, right?  Sometimes I wonder. . . :)  Mr J was perfecting he "cannonball dive" as he calls it.  "Mom!" he calls, "take a picture of my cannonball dive!"  Got it--that is my job :) 

Stay tuned, more to come. . .

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  1. Wish we could have met you guys there - but we understand how there is so much family to see on vacation.

    PS - I remember your great love of BYU football games :)