Tuesday, June 12, 2012

2012 Blue Jeans Week 23

So welcome to Blue Jeans Momma.  I am a huge Project Life fan and am doing my 4th year of a picture-a-day scrapbooking to document my family's life.  Technology is a wonderful thing, when it works, but ours hasn't been working for a while.  Our old computer died, and we had to get a new one, and with the end of school, vacation, and just life in general I have been absent for a while.  Previous posts show pictures of our National Parks vacation which was wonderful!   But after 8 weeks I am ready and somewhat back to normal (whatever that means, maybe that the laundry is caught up for a minute?) to start posting my weekly shots again, so welcome!  Here is what we have been up to the past week. . .
Sunday:  For summer reading Miss O and Miss E decided to re-read Harry Potter.  What great summer reading!  Both of them can always be found with a HP book in their hands now.  They are both currently on #5.  Love it!

Monday:  Monday nights are family nights at our house.  My sister and her husband where in town and joined us tonight.  We were playing some clapping games--Big Buddha to be precise--lots of laughing and fun!

Tuesday:  Found someone with a really big telescope so we could watch Venus travel in front of the sun today.  It was really neat to see especially with that cool telescope.

Wednesday:  Mr J decided he wanted a buzz for the summer and asked Grandpa to do it for him.  Love his expression :)  

Thursday:  Miss O has the best expressions, and she just loves it when her mom takes her picture (ha, ha).  My sister brought her amazing bead collection for the girls to make necklaces and bracelets to their hearts content today.  Super fun!

Friday:  Mr J's birthday party!  We only have friend parties every other year on odd numbered birthdays, so Mr J was due this year.  They had pizza and got really wet with water balloons, water guns, and dumping buckets of water on each other's heads--summer fun! (this picture is obviously the "before and dry" picture.  I neglected to get an "after and wet" one)

Saturday:  Ben and I had the wonderful opportunity to attend our church's  new temple.  Previously our closest temple had been about 4-5 hours away.  This one is only 2!  Yeah!  What a blessing!  It is beautiful!

Thanks for visiting!  Have a wonderful week!

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  1. You're so good to go even with it being 2 hours away. I am quite bad at it - and I'm only 5 minutes away.

    And love Mr. J's expression as well during the haircut.