Monday, June 25, 2012

2012 Blue Jeans Week 25

Welcome to Blue Jeans Momma.  We had a quiet week at our house.  My oldest 2 girls were at church girls' camp from M-F, so it was just the youngest two.  It was a very quiet and relaxing week.  We missed the oldest, but they had a lot of fun.
Sunday:  Happy Father's Day!  Ben is just amazing.  My kids are so lucky and blessed to have him for a dad, and I am even more blessed to be married to the cute guy!  Sure love you!  His awesome card was created by Miss O.  She is our resident master card maker.

Monday: The girls before they headed to camp

Tuesday:  With her older sisters gone, Miss E kept herself busy this week.  She took a kids cooking class offered through the library.  Today they made whole wheat quick bread and fruit smoothies.  She has dinner planned for next week which I am happy about because she is cooking!

Wednesday:  Bedtime routines---Ben always reads to the kids, and he and Mr J are reading a book together--just the boys.  They are reading A Nest for Celeste by Henry Cole.   

Thursday:  Miss E also kept busy this week with swimming lessons.  She is a very strong swimmer and really developed her diving this week.  Way to go Miss E!

Friday:  Mr J wanted to learn how to roller skate.  Miss E was a big help because he couldn't quite get the hang of it yet :)  Love her look.

Saturday:  For the past 2 weeks Miss E has been participating in a children's summer theater workshop.  The workshop culminates in the kids performing a play for their parents on Saturday morning.   Miss E is 2nd from the right and is a pony.  Her play was about Rainbow and her little ponies that eat magic oats and come to life and like to disco.  They enter an animal dance contest to win the prize money to buy medicine to help their owner recover from a rare disease.  It was a fun play, and the kids did a great job!  The play was written by the staff of the workshop.


  1. Pretty awesome week! We had cousins visit, hooray! We went roller skating. Mr. J's picture made me laugh. Are those tennis shoe skates? AWESOME! JEALOUS! :)

  2. Yes, a quiet week. Must feel strange only having 2 around.

  3. I just saw on Drudge that Kansas saw temps in the 115 range today. I hope you are keeping cool and staying sane in the heat - crazy!