Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Dillon, Colorado

So our first stop going and coming was a new find.  I just found Dillon, CO while looking for hotels to stay at on our way to some National Parks.  It was a awesome find.  We want to go back and just spend a week there for vacation.  It is a small, beautiful mountain town--a ski town in the winter with a beautiful lake to enjoy in the summer. We spent 2 days there and loved it, but it was a little cold some days--32 in the morning, which was quite a change once we got to the dessert, and it was 101!  
At the beautiful Dillon Lake

Mr J out on the pier

Getting the whole family into a picture can be a challenge :)

View from our hotel room--the kids were so excited to see snow!!!  

A fun playground we enjoyed.

On our way home we stopped again for a day in Dillon.  It was really windy that day, and the kids loved throwing rocks into the waves of the lake.

Enjoying a peaceful afternoon at the lake.

So if you are looking for a smaller, cool, mountain town to visit, we would definitely recommend Dillon.  It has lots of outlet shopping and yummy food also.

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