Monday, April 21, 2014

2014 Blue Jeans week 16

A fun, record breaking week!  Miss O broke the school record for her winning mile run this week at her huge (20 schools and over 900 athletes) track meet.  She was so excited!  We enjoyed Easter activities, and our annual Easter Egg hunt and pot luck lunch.  Here is a look at our week. . .
Sunday evening my Dad had a meeting for the youth in our church at our house.  It was about art and Christ in art.  It was very good.

Ben helping Miss A with her homework.  Thank heavens he can because I cannot remember anything about trigonometry or chemistry, can anyone else?

Ben got a few of the kids (the ones that would actually wake up) up in the middle of the night to see the lunar eclipse this week.  It was pretty cool.  

Miss O running her record breaking mile.  She did awesome!!  The school record for the middle school was from 1987 and was 5:54.  She ran it in 5:53!!!  She was so cute down on the field when she found out.  She was jumping up and down.  Way to go Miss O!!!

No school Friday so we headed up to the city for some shopping and lunch at Chipotle--of course--one of our favorite places to eat.

Our 8th annual Easter Egg Hunt and Pot Luck lunch.  It was a beautiful day, and everyone had lots of fun!  These kids are already to go get some eggs!

Our family dying Easter eggs.  Did you know you can dye raw eggs?  We do it every year.  You just have to be very careful :).  We made it through without breaking any.  We don't hard boil them because no one but Ben likes hard boiled eggs, and my kids love to dye dozens of eggs, and I don't want to waste them being hard boiled, so we just do them raw.  Everyone likes to experiment with different ways to color the eggs.  Ben and Miss A were using a straw to drip the dye on the eggs.  They looked pretty cool.  

Thanks for visiting!  Hope you had a great Easter weekend!  Come back often!


  1. Way to go Miss O!!! That is so awesome and such a long standing record she broke. I bet is was so fun to see that and her reaction. Looks like a really great week. Hope you had a wonderful Easter. That moon shot is pretty cool.

  2. Jen - you and I are so much alike here. We use regular eggs as well for the exact same reason. Go you!!