Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday thoughts

My random Friday thoughts and excess Easter photos. . .
My weekly bathroom inspirational quote.  This applies not only to spouses but to everyone.  Good advice all around.

Trying to get decent Easter photos can be a challenge sometimes. . .she was not going to smile.  Her shoes didn't fit right, so she wasn't going to wear them.  Sunday morning at 9:40 when we have to leave for church at 9:45 is not the time to break down, have a fit, and tell me your Sunday shoes do not fit.  Can't do a thing about it then.  Sorry.  She wore the too-tight fitting shoes and new Sunday shoes are on the shopping list for this week :)

Funny face with older sister accidentally in the back ground. . .

"You stand here." "Don't move!" " Dad, tell him to move!"  It is always the little brother's fault.

Everyone is smiling, but you realize your youngest is getting too tall to stand in front of his sister anymore.

Necessary crazy pose.

And finally a pretty good Easter shot except the tie is crooked but that is ok :)


  1. pretty nice blog, following :)

  2. Your weekly random thoughts are inspiring me. I really want to try that.