Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday thoughts--hail

My random Friday thoughts and some pictures of some scary, crazy big hail we had this week. . .
My weekly bathroom mirror inspirational quote.

This hail stone--over 4 inches in diameter--fell in our yard Wednesday night.  I have never, ever seen hail that big.  Hail is just ice, so this is just a huge ice ball that rained down on our home. My husband is holding this one. (excuse all the blurry hail stone pictures.  They were just using my daughter's ipod camera since I wasn't home and had the 'real' camera with me.)

These are some other hail stones that fell Wednesday.  A quarter and a golf ball are in there to compare with.  Have you ever seen hail that big?  Real baseball to softball sized hail. 

This picture has a half dollar in it to compare.

Just CRAZY!  My husband was sure our roof was destroyed, but amazingly it was fine.  Only Ben and Miss E were home to witness this event.  The other kids and I were 2 miles away in town where they not nothing like this--like pea sized hail and lots of rain.  We have 3 cars and only a 2 car garage, but luckily  I had decided to take our car that is normally out into church that night.  It was a very lucky thing I did, because I am sure it would have had windows broken and such with this kind of hail coming down. 

Another miracle, I was sure our trees and all my flowers would be destroyed, smashed, crushed--you would think with 4 inch ice balls falling from the sky.  No, they were all fine.  What a blessing!  This an experience I hope we never see again!  Crazy!

Enjoy your weekend and beware of hail! :)

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  1. Wow! That IS crazy! We haven't ever seen hail that size either. It looks like some kind of warped vegetable :) Can you imagine getting bonked on the head with that? Ouch! Glad your roof held up. And everything else for that matter!