Wednesday, June 18, 2014

What's up Wednesday--Hawaiian haystacks

Hawaiian haystacks is another of our favorites to have for dinner--especially in the summer.  You basically just cook rice, make a chicken gravy, and then top it with lots of good stuff.  I make this two different ways depending upon how much time I have.  There is the super easy way, which is good, or the little longer way which is way better :)

So to make these you just cook some rice, our family loves this
Good Rice I posted a few months ago.
While the rice is cooking you make the chicken sauce.  The super easy way is just to mix one can cream of chicken soup with one can of canned chicken.  Don't drain the chicken because that broth in the can needs to mix with the cream of chicken soup to help it be less thick.  That is it.  Mix those two cans, break up your chicken chunks and heat.  

Now if you want the really good chicken sauce then you need to make
And this sauce really doesn't take that long to make either.

So either way you now have your rice and sauce.  Then you top these with any number of things, but our favorites are

-chunk pineapple
-frozen peas, thawed
-sliced olives
-chopped tomatoes
-chow mein noodles
-chopped green onions

Other suggestions would be shredded coconut, mandarin oranges, and the list can go on.  It is a fun dinner that the kids can help a lot with because of all the extra things that need to be chopped and such to go on top.


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  1. I've been wanting to make these - but couldn't find a solid recipe. Thank you! And I love your festival decorations on the post above...