Monday, September 29, 2014

2014 Blue Jeans Week 39

A crazy, insane volleyball week--3 games and one all-day Saturday tournament, but now they are done.  A cross country meet, a symphony concert, and a talent show concert.  It was a busy week!  School campaign still going strong.  5 more weeks, and we are going to win this!!! Take a look at our week. . .
Volleyball game #1 of the week. . . Miss E in the middle ready to receive the ball.

Got away with some great girlfriends for lunch and plant shopping!  So fun!  Thank heavens for good friends!!!! 

Cross country meet for the week.  Miss A going strong.  She got a medal and did great!!!!

Miss O also ran varsity, got a medal and did great!!!  Sure proud of these two!  

I think this was volleyball game #3 of the week. . .

Got to go hear the symphony which was absolutely amazing!!!!!  

All-day volleyball tournament and her crazy, fun team!  They played their hearts out and had a good season.  Even if it wasn't full of wins, it was full of hard work and lots of fun which is what middle school sports should be about.

Saturday night they had a community talent show.  The high school band started it off, and they were awesome!!!  Miss A and Miss O are in there with their mellophones.  Please note the sparkly blue and gold sashes--2 other lades and I made them.  Looks pretty smart!

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  1. Well I'm glad you got out to have lunch and plant shop with some friends in between all those school activities. At least that's the last of volleyball which should help. Great shots of your girls in action.

  2. You must be Super Mom to keep up with all those sporting events for your kids!
    That's neat that you got to hear the symphony and the band.
    Those blue & gold sashes completely make the whole outfit! :)