Tuesday, February 24, 2015

2015 Blue Jean Week 8

We had a good week.  Snow one day and sunny and beautiful the next.  Our weather is just crazy.  Basketball is finishing up.  Track practice starts right after.  Miss A got a part in the high school spring musical which we are excited about.  Always something fun going on here!  Take a look at our week. . .
We have a huge, beautiful field behind our house.  We looked out this afternoon to see all these beauties enjoying the field this afternoon.  Love living in the country!

So we got a little bit of snow and Mr J gets home from school and the first thing he says is, "I want to shovel the snow!"  Knock yourself out.  I didn't really see the point, but kept that thought to myself and let him enjoy the moment :)

Love the sister missionaries that serve in our area for our Church.  This cute lady is leaving us this week, so we had to get a picture.  We enjoyed having her with us for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  She will be missed!

A cold winter's evening, we enjoy reading books with a blanket :)  Mr J is reading The Shadow Throne by Jennifer Nielsen.  Ben is reading Firefight by Brandon Sanderson, and I am reading Visitors by Orson Scott Card.  Nothing beats a good book!

Mr J and Miss O were in charge of a family treat this weekend.  They made chocolate waffles which we enjoyed with vanilla ice cream on top.  Yum!  Good stuff.  Will have to share the recipe soon!

Thanks for visiting!  Enjoy your week and come back soon!

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  1. Chocolate waffles sounds so good! Glad you are getting some snow but not too much. Love the deer in the field and Mr J is so cute. Love it when they are young enough to be enthusiastic about work. LOL! He'll learn ;0)