Monday, March 19, 2012

2012 Blue Jeans Week 11

Hello!  Welcome to Blue Jeans Momma.  I am glad you stopped by.  I am doing my 4th year of documenting my family's life by taking a picture a day.  Here is what we have been up to this week. . .

Sunday:  Mr J and Miss O made this awesome train track in the family room today after church. 

Monday:  We played Uno for our family night game tonight.  That is such a classic, fun game that everyone can play and enjoys.
Tuesday:  After school my kids went down to the library to help their Nana paint a picture for her library.  My sister and brother-in-law were there to help too.

Wednesday:  Ben plays a duet with Mr J.  We have piano competitions and recitals coming up in April that all the kids are getting ready for.  Three of the kids are playing duets with their dad.  Love it!  (and glad it is him and not me :)

Thursday:  Awards assembly at school!  Super smart and hard-working kiddos!  Sure proud of them!

Friday:  We live in a small town, and our town has a Dairy Queen, but it is super small and closes for the winter.  When it finally opens in the spring it is a big deal.  "DQ is open!"  is the rumor through town.  So we heard, "DQ is open," and we had to go make sure they didn't change anything over the winter and make sure the blizzards were still as good :)  They are.  Miss E, my sister, Miss O, and Mr J hang out and eat their blizzards at DQ today.

Saturday:  Our traditional St. Patrick's Day dinner--everything is green--green mashed potatoes with green gravy, green jello, green milk, green broccoli, and green pudding!  Yum!  We had green sherbet floats for dessert!

These two leprechauns visited our house Saturday.  They woke me up in the morning "Top o' the morning to ye!" they said.  They decorated our front window with this pretty sign and spread (chocolate) gold coins all over the house.  Sure do like those leprechauns!

Hope you all have a great week!

Naptime Momtog


  1. Great shots. Love all the family stuff you do. Your st. patricks day dinner looks fun!

  2. What fun shots!! I'm LDS too! I like your blog! Cute family.

  3. wonderful pictures, thanks for sharing!

  4. Fun green dinner. Love the DQ shot. They all look so into their treats ;0) Your son sure likes those trains. Sad to say all our Thomas tracks are put away in storage. My boys used to love them but don't play anymore--not even the youngest.

  5. i love small towns. our town feels small. but sometimes I wish it were smaller. however I also would miss the few stores we do have, lol. i love your st. patty's day traditions so fun.

  6. Love all the green food. Especially love how thrilled your daughter looks that you are taking the picture. ;)