Monday, March 5, 2012

2012 Blue Jeans Week 9

Welcome to Blue Jeans Momma.  I am so happy you came to visit.  I am doing my 4th year of a picture-a-day Project Life to document the life of my family of 6.  I try to blog on
Mondays--my week in pictures
Wednesday--mouth-watering Wednesdays where I share a recipe--a simple, easy, yummy recipe
Fridays--Fabulous Fridays where I share random things I love

Hope you will come back often and share!  Have a great week.  Here is what we have been up to. . .
Sunday:  Mr J and I took some time to draw some pictures and color together tonight.  It is always nice to have some down time and spend it with one of the kids.

Monday:  We live in the country and have chickens.  Normally during the winter they do not lay very well, but our winter has been almost non-existent, so we have had lots of yummy brown eggs to use. Did you know there was such a variety in brown egg color?

Tuesday:  This is Miss E and her social studies quadrama project on South Carolina.  She worked very hard on it without any help (which is always nice).  She is very creative and loves making things like this.

Wednesday:  The kids always get out early on Wednesdays, and we try to do something fun with that little extra time--go to the park, go explore.  Today we went on a walk to explore an old train bridge.  It was "kind of creepy" but "cool" the kids thought.

Thursday:  Mr J, my 6 year old, took the camera for about 3 minutes today after school, and I have over 20 pictures from those few minutes.  This is one of them--exactly what I do every day after school--go through and sort the mountain of papers my 4 kids bring home, and my valentine's flowers are still beautiful that Ben gave me.

Friday:  Dr. Seuss Birthday at school.  It was hat day in honor of his birthday.  The kids could wear any kind of hat.  Mr J went with the more traditional look, but Miss E was very determined to wear her Dad's Russian hat.  She had no qualms about wearing it all day at school, and she did.  I was impressed with her.   I don't think I was that self-confident at 9 to do that.  She is my no-fear child. 
Saturday:  I went with Miss O and her friend to the district competition for the National History Day contest today.  Their board display was on "Paths of the Underground Railroad in Kansas."   They worked very hard and won district to qualify for the state competition next month.  Yeah!  Way to go girls!

Thanks for visiting.  As a side note in reference to last week's pictures, my Miss A did make it into the high school madrigals choir.  Yeah!  Thanks for all your nice comments and encouragement for her.  Come back soon and have a great week!

Naptime Momtog


  1. Look at those eggs! Awesome! I'm right there with you on sorting papers every day! I sometimes wonder how many trees my kids go through in a given school year..and papers from Sunday school are overwhelming too! and your flowers are still so beautiful! congrats to your girls on their project and Miss A on making the high school choir!

  2. WOW- what gorgeous eggs in all those shades. And I am really loving that bridge!!!

  3. Love that bridge! That is awesome!!!

  4. Love all your different shades of brown eggs. Beautiful. Love that bridge photo.

  5. Love the pictures of the brown eggs & the train bridge.

    So thrilled to hear that your daughter made the choir!!

    Julie Coryell

  6. Looks like a very productive week--so many school projects this time of year! I love that old train bridge with the trees growing through it--very cool and I can't believe your V-day flowers still look so great. The pile of papers coming home from the schools is unreal, isn't it? Actually I'm lucky if I get to see half of it. My boys are great at NOT showing me things.

  7. I think it's great that you do something with your kids on early day Wed. I need to do better at that during our early Fridays. Problem is that Bubbs has his nap. Must try to work on this.

    PS - We did your chicken tacos and strogonauff this past week. Loved them. My kids were most crazy about the tacos. I love how it makes a lot - so I froze half for next week. Please keep your easy meals coming!