Thursday, December 13, 2012

Daily December 13--family pictures

Getting family pictures taken is one of the most stressful things, I think.  Ugh. . .first trying to find a time to schedule it, then figuring out what everyone will wear because no one ever likes what Mom picks out, but too bad.  Mom and Dad pay for them so you wear what they say :)  Getting hair done, and tough if you don't like it curled, but I am paying for it, so your hair is being curled.  Lots of love going around before family pictures.  It makes me laugh.  Yeah, we try to look happy after all the fighting before to get the silly things done.
and then how hard is it to actually look at the camera and smile?

have a normal face????

So you hope after all the blood, sweat, fighting, and tears you have at least one out of the hundreds they took that looks good.

Man, if you only knew the real story behind the picture. . .

Family pictures--got to love them.  At least they are done, and you don't have to do them again for another year.


  1. We got your card today - lovely picture! I like the blue tint to the photo - never have seen that before and it came out really well.

    PS - I swear one year I WILL send out the worst picture in the family shots - seriously. I'm going to do it - before I lose all my kids and they grow up :)

  2. They turned out great, but I know oh so well how hard it can be to get just one good shot. Bribery works well for us. LOL! Love the blue tint to go with your blue jean theme--very cool!