Friday, December 14, 2012

Daily December 14--my favorite food site

I cook a lot.  We don't eat out much.  In our small town there is not much to choose from.  Pizza or hamburgers?  They get old really fast, so I cook.  I am also a menu planner.  I plan my menus for a month at a time.  My ultimate favorite site for recipes and food ideas is Mel's Kitchen Cafe.  Love, love, love her site, and all her recipes, and I have made a lot of them.  I haven't made one we haven't liked, which says a lot.  It isn't easy to find a recipe all 6 of us like, but Mel is good at it.  In just this last week I have made no less than 5 of her recipes.  Check them out. . .

Breakfast for dinner is always a favorite at our house.  I did her wheat blender pancakes for dinner.  I had made different wheat blender pancakes before and not liked them at all, but Mel said these were good, so I tried them.  Way good!  I do have a great Blendtec blender, though, and I am sure that helped.  

I had printed off her Crispy Southwest Chicken wraps recipe a while ago, but hadn't scheduled it on my menu yet.  We did them with brown rice cooked this way, and they were so good!  I have been hesitant to switch to brown rice.  When I have made it before I just thought, "yuck!" but this way to cook it makes a big difference!  Yum!  And in these wraps you wouldn't know you had the extra healthy brown rice anyway :)

I have never really ventured to make homemade mac-n-cheese.  I am a Kraft girl, but when I saw Mel's skillet creamy macaroni and cheese, I decided I would give it a try.  So good!  Even Ben who is not a fan of mac and cheese loved it!

I love french dip, and love this super easy recipe for it, but when I saw Mel's Slow Cooker Italian Beef for sandwiches I knew I needed to try it.  So yum!  We had it for Sunday dinner.  I just put everything in the crock pot Saturday night and put it in the fridge.  I took it out Sunday morning and put it on low.  It was ready for dinner.  It has a great flavor!  Get some really good rolls to go with it, and we put Monterrey Jack cheese on ours.

We love chicken enchiladas at our house, but not the red sauce kind.  We only like the creamy white sauce kind, and my mom has a recipe that we love and is a family favorite.  When I saw Mel's I decided to give it a try so we had another option in the enchilada field.  oh yum!  These creamy green chile chicken enchiladas were a hit, but I must say I am a huge wimp when it comes to hot and spicy, so I always half the green chile's or spice at my house, but we loved them!


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  1. Oohhh - we LOVE this site. Our favorite item so far is the ice-cream (mint) cookies - we made them lots in the summer. I always love how this kick-starts me back into cooking something fun.