Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Daily December 4--Christmas sheets

Last year I had seen on a blog that the mom put Christmas sheets on her kids' beds December 1st.  I thought this was such a cute idea.  Sadly my small town with its one store didn't have Christmas sheets.  Yes, I could have ordered them online, but the ones I found were super expensive, and I thought, "that much for sheets they will use one month of the year?  No way."  So I figured I would forget that idea :)  but then I was in the city shopping with Ben after Christmas and found some cute Christmas sheets 50% off, and was so excited!  
So this year I was happy to start a new tradition of "Christmas Sheets" to go along with our Christmas pillowcases we have always done (more about that tomorrow).  Here is Miss E's set.  She was home sick today :( and got to enjoy her sheets longer because of it :)

Miss O's set,

And Mr J's set.  Sadly they only had twin sets for sale, all the queen sets were gone, so maybe at the after Christmas sale this year I can get sets for Miss A's and my beds.  Sweet dreams!

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