Monday, February 4, 2013

2013 Blue Jeans Week 5

That last week of January, wow, where did it go???  Crazy.  I was happy to get my seven year old's baby book started this past week.  I have details in my previous post.  I got the Becky Higgins Baby kit to do it and love it!  I got 8 months of pictures in about 2 hours--still have journaling and fillers to put in, but so nice to have those pictures in an album!!  Besides that it was a week of losing teeth at our house, making treats, celebrating our state, and being grateful for our blessings and the family we have.  Here is a look at our week. . .

Sunday:  I seriously think we have lost more teeth in this family during the last month than any other time in our family's history.  Miss E lost 5 teeth this month, and Mr J lost his first tooth.  Miss E had her latest tooth in her tooth box her Grandpa made for her ready for the tooth fairy tonight.

Monday:  We made a treat tonight of marshmallow popcorn that didn't use microwave popcorn.  Mr J was fascinated with the 'real' popcorn popper we pulled out to make this recipe.  It doesn't see the light of day often, but we are glad we have it.  

Tuesday:  Happy Kansas Day!  We celebrate our state's birthday every year by making a sunflower cake.  Yum!  Miss E and Mr J decorated it this year.

Wednesday:  Miss O got the neatest package in the mail today from our amazing family.  They sent her this beautiful picture of Christ for her room.  She was so excited!!!   Love it!  So grateful for caring and thoughtful family!  Thank you!

Thursday:  Wanted to get a picture of some of Mr J's recent artwork.  He did these to decorate for Kansas Day.

Friday:  I worked on Mr J's baby album today.  For years he has been asking me when I am going to get his baby book done.  Being the last of 4 kids, his gets pushed back and back and back.  Finally I got it all together today and had 8 months worth of pictures in his book when he got home from school.  He was super excited and loved looking at it! 

Saturday:  Went up to the city today with my 2 older girls and some friends to do service in our church's temple there.  It was a beautiful time.

Thanks for visiting and have a great week!


  1. What a great week! Love the sunflower cake, how fun is that!

    Thanks for linking up again!

  2. Did they send the photo of Christ because the child in his arms resembles your daughter? That is the first thing I noticed. It looks like your days are quite busy now, enjoy every moment!

  3. We love our air popper too!

    I love that picture of Christ. Awesome.

  4. What a cool tooth box! Love it. I need one of those air poppers. My boys would get a kick out of it and we have some regular popcorn someone gave us for Christmas. Great sunflower cake and I too think that little girl in the picture of Jesus looks like your daughter at a younger age. What a great gift. Good for you getting your youngest son's baby pictures almost done. I'm like that too. My youngest is still waiting on a book for him and he's 8! Someday ;0) I did buy a couple of the PL mini albums and hope to get some old pictures in them like our trip to Disney 5 years ago--LOL! So many pictures--so little time. Glad you had a good week.

  5. AMazing your family lost so many teeth in such a short time. Once after no lost teeth for 3 year, two of my boys lost their on the same day! Such a fluke. Lovely photos - a week well documented.

  6. Oh my goodness! That's a lot of teeth for one month!
    LOVE the idea of celebrating your state's birthday. Sounds like such a fun and educational activity.

  7. LOVE that picture of Christ! And getting to go to the KC temple. What an awesome week!