Friday, February 1, 2013

Share the love and finally getting something done

So we are getting ready to decorate for Valentine's Day at our house today, and I wanted to share some love

I have a few decorations out that I really like and wanted to share.
I got this from eighteen25 over here

I love even more eighteen25's free subway art collection.  If you haven't checked it out, please do so.  I have almost all of them, and I print them in 16x20, use the same frame, and just change them out each month.

Some other food love I wanted to share this week. . .

I have made this creamy chicken and wild rice soup almost monthly since I first saw the recipe here.  It is so good and so easy with the crock pot.  Love crock pot recipes!

I make the soup with these yummy rolls.

For breakfast this week I made these wheat berry blender pancakes which are so good!

And I made these whole grain waffles--twice--because they were so good.

And I have made these Andes Mint cookies twice this week--once for our family to enjoy and once for a school bake sale.  My daughter's friends were over when I made them, and one said, "Oh, these are my favorite cookies that you make!"  They are very good.  Check them out here.

Finally I wanted to share my project from yesterday that took about, um, 2 hours.  My baby is 7 years old, and he doesn't have a baby book.  He has been begging me, "Mom, when are you going to do my book?"  Poor kid, being the last of 4, it just goes like that.  So, when Becky Higgins came out with her baby kits, I was determined to get one and get Mr J's baby book done.  

So, I had all the stuff.  I had gotten the album at Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago.  I had all the pictures printed for over 2 years just sitting in a box (anyone else relate to this??) and I finally had some time to sit down and get it all together.  It is by no means all "done," but I got up until he was 8 months old into a book that he can look at!  I haven't done any journaling or got the journaling or filler cards in yet, it is just basic, but I am so excited!  It was so easy and so fulfilling to get it done!!!  yeah!  I am a believer :)

Here are a few of the pages. . . 

I used mostly Design A, but also Design G and D, and I had already typed out my memories of each month and had them in 8x10 pages to put also.

Yeah!  What a cutie!

And look at him now!!!!  He was super excited when he got home from school and I showed him.  He loved it!!!  "Wow Mom!  Thanks!"  and he had to bring in each of his sisters to show them and Ben when he got home.  He was so proud, which just made my day, and then as he was leaving today he said, "Mom, are you gonna work on my book again?"  Yes, I am.  So nice to finally get something done that you have needed to do for like, 6 years :)  Thank you Becky Higgins!


  1. Cute baby pages.
    Your link to the Andes mint cookies didn't work???

  2. I LOVE the baby album. I have a million pictures of my boys printed and in boxes...along with memorabilia and a couple unfinished albums. I really think I'm going to have to stock up on a couple more albums and page protectors and finish everything PL style.