Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day

We had a really fun Valentine's Day.  The kids didn't have school because of conferences, so Ben took the day off, and we headed to the city.

We went to the art museum in the morning.  It is one of the best art museums and very kid friendly.

Miss O loved the knights in shining armour.

Then we grabbed some lunch and went ice skating.  Ben and I figured we hadn't been ice skating in 14 years.  Mr J and Miss E had never been.  

Whoa!  I totally lost track of how many times Mr J fell down, but he laughed and got right back up every time.

Miss O is a pro and has been several times.

Miss A hasn't been for a few years, but she did great.

Today was Miss E first time ever, and she was a little wobbly at first, but figured it out.

Miss O and Ben were good helpers for Mr J

But then he was done with that and ready to fall and go on his own :)

Our fun skating family.  I did skate too, but I was the one with the camera, so no pictures of me, and I didn't fall just in case you were wondering :)

And it was so fun to spend the day with my sweetheart.  Man I love that guy!  He is amazing!  and so cute!!!

So after ice skating so long we could barely walk (at least Ben and I) we headed home and had our Valentine's dinner.  I had got red and white heart shaped ravioli from Costco which were really good.

Then we opened our family Valentine box and enjoyed our awesome cards to end the evening of a fun and very eventful day.   Hope you had a good Valentine's day!

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  1. Looks like such a great Valentine's Day! This post made me really miss Kansas City. One of our family traditions growing up was to go ice skating every Christmas Eve at Crown Center. My dad retired from Hallmark Cards and Chad graduated from UMKC, so I know that part of town well. How fun that you could spend the whole day as a family!