Friday, February 8, 2013

Valentine's Traditions--the family box

In counting my blessings this week and focusing on our year of gratitude, I am thankful for traditions.  We are big into traditions at our house especially around holidays.
Every year the first Monday in February we always decorate our family Valentine's box.   It is a big deal.   Everyone gets to decorate a side.

Miss O had the honor of doing the top this year.  So cute!

Mr J had one big side, the end you see here is what Ben and I did.

Miss A had the other big  side, and Miss E had this other end.  It gets filled with homemade Valentine's and opened up on the evening of Valentine's Day.  Every day when the kids get home from school they check to see how full it is.  Some family members go over the top and make everyone 4 or 5 valentines each.  We are loved.  It is a lot of fun, and a blessing in my life that I am very grateful for.

What Valentine traditions do you have??

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