Monday, October 7, 2013

2013 Blue Jeans Week 40

40 weeks?  How did we get 40 weeks into this year?  Once fall starts the year just seems to speed up--like you hit the top point in a roller coaster, and it is just way to fast down from there.  Organized Christmas starts their free 6 weeks countdown to Christmas on Oct 27.  I am a huge, huge fan of that and have been doing it for years.  Crazy!  Anyway, this week. . . homecoming week this week which is full of stuff--fun stuff, but lots of stuff!  Miss O finished her volleyball season.  Miss A had a great race.  Miss O and Miss E marched in 2 parades, and Miss O had an amazing halftime band show--they got a standing ovation and moved many people to tears.  Man, we love our band director!  So thankful for him and his hard work.  I am so grateful for good people who give so much to help my kids.  So, here is a look at our week. . .
Keepin' it real--Miss O and Miss E's room is always a mess--beds never made, clothes always on the floor.  That is normal life.

Miss O and her cute friends at her last volleyball game. 

Two of my girls and our cute sister missionaries from our church.  We love them and try to have them over once a week for dinner.  One of them was being moved to a new area, so we got a picture before she left.

Miss A did amazing in her high school varsity cross country race this week.  Here she is ready to cross the finish line in 2nd place with no one ever close behind her.  She is amazing!

Parade #1  Miss O and the high school band in the homecoming parade.  She was supposed to be all serious, but I was sitting with Mr J's class, and as she passed everyone in Mr J's class started yelling her name, and she just couldn't keep a straight face.  I am sure she felt like a rock star as every 3rd grader yelled her name.  

Miss A and her singers group sang The National Anthem at the football game Friday night.  They did a great job! 

Parade #2.  Miss E was awesome!  We are loving this marching band stuff!

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  1. So many school events--just like us. Hard to know who is coming and who is going. Looks like a super busy but fun week.

  2. Here is how I'm watching Downton Abbey:

    It's on at 3:00 CDT, but you can also watch past episodes for up to 30 days after they air on

    What a BUSY week, but it looks like a LOT of fun!
    I love how the running path for Miss A's race was cut into a field of cool! :)