Monday, October 14, 2013

2013 Blue Jeans Week 41

 Fall is definitely in the air.  I am cooking with pumpkin any chance I can get.  Lots of football with great halftime band shows this week.  We started the week on a great note with our Church's General Conference, and the week went well from there--busy, but great.  Here is a look at our week. . .
Saturday and Sunday we had our Church's semi-annual General Conference.  It is so wonderful to hear from our Prophet and get instruction.  It was an extremely uplifting and inspiring weekend, and so nice to watch at home!
Football game halftime show #1 of the week.  The middle school band performed today.  They did awesome and were so loud!  Loud and good are a very good combination for a band.

Love the smile of Miss E as she is coming off the field after their awesome performance.  Man she works hard on that trombone!  

Having some fun after school with some friends.  Yes, this park is right next to a cemetery.  Good place for a park, huh?

Love it when Miss O plays her guitar.  She is very good.

Friday night lights and football game halftime show #2--over 100 band kids out there tonight--middle school and high school, and they were just awesome!  2 of them out there are mine I am very proud to say!

I coached our church's young women's basketball team today in a tournament which is kind of funny since I have never played basketball in my life--but we all survived and made it through and had fun.

Miss A's first car--yes, when we bought our new van she inherited our old green one, and she has no problem driving it to school and back.  When people ask her about it she says, 'hey it was free!" so she isn't complaining.  Good attitude!  And she isn't legal to drive anyone around in it except her siblings--yet, so I don't worry about it being the big friend party van--yet :)  But she is a very good driver and very responsible, and it is huge and heavy and I know it has air bags, so we are good.

Mr J (who was just trilled to get his picture taken) has a big 3rd grade project due this week--a log cabin.  They are reading the book The Sign of the Beaver and had to make a log cabin similar to the one the boy in the book builds.  It is/was quite a project!

Enjoying a beautiful fall weekend evening with a fire in the back yard fire pit and roasting marshmallows and making smores.  Yum!  A perfect evening!

Thanks for visiting!  Hope you have a great week!

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  1. Your oldest is driving? Wow! My son still has to wait another 6 months before he can get his learner permit and another year before he's on his own. Look at all the band activities. It's great your family is so musical. Good for you on coaching those basketball girls too. That must have been fun.

  2. Wasn't conference just WONDERFUL?!
    I loved it.

    Congrats on coaching the YW basketball! You're much braver than I am to do that.

    I love seeing how nice & small your band looks on the field.
    Our city's Escadrille is the largest in the world ( and it's hard to know where to look b/c there's too much going on. Miss E looks so cute w/ her trombone.

    I hope y'all have a Fabulous Fall week! :)