Friday, October 18, 2013

Everyone loves a parade

Everyone loves a parade, and we have had our fair share of them lately.  Seems like the fall is full of them.  Wanted to share some photos of some recent ones.
Expectantly waiting--"do you see it yet?  are they coming?"

"Yes!! Here they come!"

Marching bands are our favorite since we have 2 cute girls in them.  Miss O marching with her mellophone. 

Miss E with her trombone.

And here comes the band again at another parade.

They sounded awesome!

And the floats were pretty cool in this parade too.  It was a Christian/Bible themed parade.

This was our absolute favorite--Jonah in the whale.  Felt so sorry for the guy in there that had to wiggle his legs the whole 16 parade blocks!

They had some pretty impressive floats.  Just love a parade, and we have several more coming up to look forward to!  Lots of fun!  


  1. Aw, I love Biblesta! Would love to get the kids there sometime - out here, everyone's idea of a float is just to ride in the back of a pickup ;)

  2. The whale one is hilarious! Love! And that's awesome your daughters were in the parade - I loved doing those when I was in high school. Great times!