Monday, November 4, 2013

2013 Blue Jeans Week 44

A fun Halloween week we had!  My grandparents were visiting who we don't get to see very often.  We got "booed!" had lots of school activities, went trick-or-treating, had a party, and had a bonfire.  Whoa!  It was a busy week!  Here is a look. . .
4 Generations are in this picture--my grandparents, my Dad, me, and my kids.  So loved having them here!

We got "booed!" tonight and enjoyed some yummy Halloween oreos!  Yum!

School awards assembly this week.  3rd grade is the first year they give letter grades at our school, and Mr J got all A's.  He was been working hard!  Way to go Mr J!

Halloween at school.  They were supposed to have a parade outside, but it was raining, so they got to stand up in the gym and tell everyone their name and what they were.  Mr J and his awesome shield as Captain America, and we love our snoopy principal! 

Halloween football game and last marching band performance of the season.  They were awesome!  That field was so muddy and wet after we got 6 inches of rain in the last few days.  When Miss O was kneeling in it I cringed, but nothing that won't wash out.  She has sure worked hard in marching band!

Mr J and Miss E finally getting to go trick-or-treating.  Not sure what Miss E's costume is--a green haired, masked bandit?  They had fun!

On Friday Miss O had a school Halloween party.  This was her costume she and Ben came up with.  I thought she looked great!

And these are her friends she had over for a party before the party :)

Saturday night we had a bunch of friends over for a bonfire and hot dog roast and s'mores!  It was a beautiful clear evening,and we had a lot of fun!

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  1. Oh my gosh! I love that Flo costume. Very clever and she pulls it off well. Looks like a fun Halloween week and a perfect way to end it. Fall bonfires are the best.

  2. What a NEAT 4 generation picture!!!
    That "boo" bag is really cute. I was lame this year and just left our goodies on a plate...I'll have to try the boo bag next year. I ♥ that Flo costume...what a cute idea.