Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Pre-Thanksgiving joy to share

So I know today is a busy day.  No one needs a new recipe today, right?  Here is all my lists and recipes ready to go.  We are making as much stuff as we can today.  The kids have school off, so they are in charge of certain recipes and setting the table and decorating it.  They are excited.
It is going to be yummy!  

And our Tree of Thanks is looking good.  

I found these videos and wanted to share.  People in New York City share what they are thankful for.

Love, love, this one.   Giving thanks is more than a holiday.

 I so agree with what he says, "I always felt like God gave me more than I knew what to do with."  Amen

Consider your blessing and thank the Lord for them.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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