Friday, November 8, 2013


This is definitely the month to focus on gratitude.  I have so much to be thankful for.  I took my camera around today to capture some of the things I am thankful for today.

1.  Music
There is a lot of music in our house.  These 5 instruments--in my family room behind the couch--belong to 2 of my girls.  There are 2 French horns here, one trombone, one trumpet, and one mellophone.  So thankful for a wonderful band director who has my girls loving music and band.

In addition to all those instruments, all my kids take piano lessons.  I love to hear the music they play on the piano!

I was so lucky today to be at Miss O's school and was able to hear her in her Jazz band class. Oh. my!!!  They were amazing!!!  Miss O plays the keyboard in there.  I am so grateful for music in my life!

2.  Flowers 
Man, I love flowers.  These are on my front porch.  

and my rose bushes are still looking really pretty right now.  Love flowers and so thankful for the beauty and color they bring to our world.

3.  Pumpkins 
I love pumpkins and having them out this time of year--and I love eating anything with pumpkin in it!

4.  The falling leaves of autumn 
I love all the different colored leaves on the trees and how they 'litter' my lawn.  

5.  My mom 
I happen to catch her taking Mr J out to lunch at Sonic today.  What a lucky guy!  My mom is amazing and I am so extremely grateful for her and her influence in my life and that we live close to her so my kids can have her amazing influence in their lives!

So many more things, but just keeping it to 5 today.  My Friday posts are going to be Thankful posts this month.  Be grateful and have a great weekend!

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