Monday, November 11, 2013

2013 Blue Jeans Week 45

Well we started something very new to our family this week--basketball.  We have never been basketball people or fans.  Football is my favorite, then volleyball, track and cross country, so when our 8th grader Miss O said she wanted to play basketball, we said, "Um, you sure about that?" and she was.  So, basketball parents here we are.  I have no clue what is going on.  I have to ask Ben every few seconds, "What does that mean?"   "Why did they do that?"  but I will eventually figure it out.  It is fun, and she works so hard.  So the first two basketball games were this week. . . let the season begin, and here is a look at what else we did--in addition to basketball :)
Sunday evening--Ben got a new game for his birthday--Dominion.  He finally got around to playing it with Miss E and Mr J tonight.  They all really liked it.  They taught the rest of us how to play it the next day for family night, and we all agreed it was lots of fun.  So, if you need a good game gift idea--check out Dominion--be aware it says for ages 13+, but my 8 and 11 year old love it and have no problems playing.  Also, it says it takes about 30 minutes, but it always takes us longer--like 45 minutes to an hour.

I went to the butcher today to pick up our 1/2 a beef.  It is always so nice to get this locally raised beef and fill my freezer!  It tastes so good!

Miss O's first basketball game ever!!!  Woohoo!!!  We lost, but she played well.

She even got fouled--twice--and got to shoot for 2.  Didn't make them, but that is okay--it was her first game. She works very hard, has fun, and will get better.

On Fridays this month I am posting on things I am thankful for.  Music was one of those things.  This is what it looks like behind the couch in our family room--5 instruments for 2 girls.  We have a lot of music in our house!  Pictured are 2 French horns, one mellophone, one trumpet, and one trombone.

I ordered over 100 bulbs--daffodils, tulips and purple alliums that I planted this week.  Come this spring, they are going to look great!

Mr J is so lucky that his Nana is his school librarian!  She takes him out to eat for lunch quite often.  I happen to be driving past Sonic during their lunch when they honked at me.  I pulled in to snap a quick picture of the lunch date :)

This weekend was our Veteran's Day parade.  Love that parade.   Love the flags, love our country, our freedoms, and the brave men and women who have made and keep our country free.  God bless them and their families.  Thank you!!!

Ben and I both worked a lot in the yard this weekend.  I was planting my bulbs, and Ben mowed the lawn one last time, and then put the mower away for winter.  Then he spread grass seed around to fill in spots in the yard.  It was a beautiful fall day to be outside.

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  1. I'm w/ you on the whole basketball thing ... it's not my favorite sport. But that's awesome that Miss O wants to play & made the team! :)

    That is a LOT of meat, but that's great that you get it local & that it lasts through the winter. I can't wait to see pics of all those gorgeous flowers that will bloom in the spring. I'm glad the weather stayed nice for you to do yard work. We just got our first cold front today & it's supposed to freeze. YUCK!

    Have a great week! :)

  2. 100 bulbs! Wowza. Can't wait to see pics of them in the Spring.

    We actually put our mower away a couple weeks ago. The mower and the blower swap places :) Winter, here we come!

  3. Good luck with the basketball. It can be exciting to watch. Tyler played in jr high. How fun for your little guy to go on lunch dates with his gram--that's awesome! I can't imagine putting the mower away. We never get a break here.