Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Happenings

It has been a busy couple of days.  Wanted to share a look at our Halloween happenings.
This is my grandpa and my Dad.  We were so blessed to have my grandparents visit the beginning of the week.  They live a long ways away, so we don't see them often.  It was neat for my kids to have their great-grandparents visit.  They joined us as we carved our pumpkins earlier this week.

This is my grandma.  She is amazing!  

And here is Mr J's creation.  Loved his mouth. 

Miss E's creation--loved her eyes.

Miss A went with a Hunger Games theme.  She did a good job!

And Miss O's--love her mouth too!

They all looked really good outside!

Then we had an elementary awards assembly.  That cute boy got all A's for the first nine weeks.  Way to go Mr J!

Then there was the school Halloween parade which really wasn't a parade because it was raining, so they just all got to stand up in the gym and say what they were.  Pretty awesome Captain American with that shield!  And we love our Snoopy principal!  

Then school Halloween party!   

And then finally it was time to go trick-or-treating.

Mr J was a very cool Captain America.  Not so sure what Miss E was.  She just went through the dress-up box and put on different things--maybe a green haired bandit?

Then Halloween night after some trick-or-treating we all headed to the last football game, and the last marching band performance of the season. Man, they were good.

Sure proud of the Miss O and her hard work with the band.  It was a great season!  

And then this morning we were all wishing it was Saturday and not Friday.  I think we are going to sleep really well tonight and looking forward to a non-eventful weekend!  Happy November and hope you had a Happy Halloween!

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