Tuesday, May 6, 2014

2014 Blue Jeans Week 18

Hello fun and busy week--Ben had work meetings, and I got to go (thanks Nana and Grandpa!), piano recital, National Honor Society, 3 track meets, a birthday and lots of band stuff.  Take a look at our week. . .
Ben had meetings for work for 3 days in downtown Omaha, NE, and my parents very graciously offered to watch the kids so I could go along. We stayed right downtown, and downtown Omaha is a fun place!  They had this beautiful river walk right there, and we sure enjoyed our time there.  He had meetings, I shopped, he had meetings, I scrapbooked and read in the hotel, and then we met up in the evenings.  It was very nice.

Enjoying our time together walking downtown Omaha one afternoon.

The kids had a piano recital.  They all did awesome!!!  They each played a solo and then Mr J and Miss A did a duet.

Track meet #1 of the week.  Miss A did awesome!

Miss A and her best friend were inducted into the National Honor Society this week.  Way to go girls!

Miss O had a birthday during all the crazy of the week.  Sure love that girl!

Miss O had her last 2 track meets this week--one Thursday and one Friday.  She did awesome and finished the season strong.  Way to go Miss O!

Had a band banquet and Miss O played the piano with the jazz band.  They were awesome!

Had a band practice fundraiser--the kids got donations for playing so many hours.  They started at 9 a.m.

And this was the 4 left at 11 p.m.  Miss O and Miss E quit about 6 p.m, but Miss A kept going until after 11 p.m.--over 13 hours of non-stop practicing.  Bless her heart!  But she raised a lot of money for their fall band trip.  Way to go Miss A!

Thanks for visiting!  Hope you have a great week!  Come back often!

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  1. Why is the end of the school year always so busy?! Glad you had a little escape. The river walk looks amazing and that is such a cute picture of you two. How awesome to be out there and play music for over 13 hrs! Good luck making through the rest of the school year. I'd really just like to skip all of May.