Monday, May 12, 2014

2014 Blue Jeans Week 19

2nd to last week of school, 2 field trips, choir concert, band concert, a birthday, a track meet, and life in general made for a very busy week.  4 days of school left and counting!  I am ready for a break!!!  Here is a look at our week. . .
Sunday afternoon the girls were working on their Mother's Day cards for grandma's and great grandma's.  These girls are extremely creative (and messy :) when making cards, and I love to see what they come up with.

Got to go on Mr J's field trip today to a science/space museum.  It was lots of fun!

High school choir concert.  Miss A sang her solo which she got a "1" at State vocal solo competition.  It was awesome!  

Happy Birthday to Miss E!  For her birthday present she wanted to get her ears pierced, so we went right after school on her birthday.  She was one brave girl!  So exciting :)

Happy Birthday to Miss E who we love so much and makes our family great!!!  She works harder than anyone I know on that trombone of hers and made first trombone in the top Jazz band for next year!!!

Amidst all the crazy of end of school activities and such, I got away with my girlfriends for lunch and some flower shopping.  So enjoyed that break!!  Thank heavens for great friends!!

High school band concert.  Miss A and Miss O playing their French horns.  The concert was amazing!

Ahh!  My 2nd one can legally drive now.  Heaven help me!  Driver's Ed this summer here we come!

On Saturday the weather cooperated and (almost--missing Miss O) everyone's schedules worked out that we finally got our garden planted.  Now we just hope it will grow and bring us lots of yummy food!

Thanks for visiting!  Have a great week!


  1. You're so luck to only have a few days left of school. I can't end soon enough for us here and we still have weeks! Look at your second girl driving. It's crazy how young they start them out your way. I can't even imagine but I'm sure she is thrilled. Looks like another super busy, event filled week. That picture of Miss E with her cake is so pretty. I love how the candles light her face just so. It's very angelic.

  2. Happy belated birthday to Miss E! How exciting that she got her ears pierced!
    I love how big your garden is! We have to do raised beds b/c the soil here in TX stinks for raising plants.
    You'll for sure have to take pics & post them of the progress as the garden grows.
    That's nice y'all will be done w/ school this week ... we go through the first week of June!

    I hope you had a LOVELY Mother's Day on Sunday! ♥

  3. Wait! I want to see what you did with the flowers from flower shopping. Please post an update on that when it's all planted. Always love new ideas for my every changing green thumb :)