Friday, May 16, 2014

Friday thoughts

My random Friday thoughts and some more pictures of flowers.
This is my weekly bathroom mirror inspirational quote.  So true.  There is no room in marriage for selfishness.

Wanted to share some flower color I have going on right now.  

Peonies and yellow iris.  Gorgeous together.

This is what the small purple alliums I planted last fall look like now.  Cool spike balls that can just stay there all summer.

This is a different kind of purple allium--these are way bigger than the other ones.  They look so cool!  Some more of the over 100 bulbs I planted last fall.

Some of my many irises.  White, purple, yellow, and some mixed in there.

Iris are so pretty!  Isn't nature amazing?

So school is out for the summer here.  Today is our first day of summer break, and we had to cover our tomatoes last night because of a chance of frost!  Crazy!  We had to turn the heater on last night.  Not your typical summer weather.  Looking forward to summer and all that it brings!  

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