Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday thoughts--my bulbs

My random Friday thoughts and pictures of some of the over 100 bulbs I planted last fall. . .
My weekly bathroom mirror inspirational quote.  Love that picture!  Love the smile on Elder Eyring's face too!

So I am very blessed to have a girlfriend who is an expert gardener.  She is amazing, and I love her so much!  She is always the one I go to with garden questions.  Last fall several of my girlfriends decided we wanted to order some bulbs.  Well, my expert gardener friend picked out the best of the best for us to order.  She spent so much time finding the right colors and the best kinds.  

So last fall I happily ordered over 100 bulbs shown above--each bag had 10 bulbs or more in it.  Of course you have to actually plant them once you order them :)  So I spent some quality time in my flower beds last November and my knees and hands were pretty sore I admit after planting all those bulbs.
But this spring my sore knees and hands were worth it when things started to bloom.

I had daffodils early spring--lots and lots of daffodils.

And now I am seeing the fruits of my labors with tulips and those purple flowers are alliums

A close up of this gorgeous pink/peach tulip

Some more tulips--they are big and so beautiful!

Pretty pink

Glorious huge white ones

Magenta ones

I love all the colors!

The purple alliums are not fully out yet--they turn into big purple spike balls--so cool!

It is nice to see the positive results--the fruits of my labors. So pretty!! Thanks so much Patti!!!

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