Friday, December 12, 2014

2014 Daily December 12--Christmas concert #2

So this week we had Christmas concert #2 of 4 for this month.  It was the high school band Christmas concert, and it was very good.  We love our band here, and we especially love our band director!
The high school band sounded awesome!

Especially the French horns which we are partial to.  There are 3, and 2 of them live at my house :)  Miss A and Miss O playing the French horn in the band.

And our awesome band director Mr. K with his equally awesome student teacher Mr. O that he had this semester with my 3 girls.  We have the same band director for middle school and high school, so all 3 of my girls are blessed by this man daily.  Good teachers are such an important and major influence in a child's life, and I am so grateful for the good teachers my kids have!

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