Friday, December 19, 2014

2014 Daily December 19--Candy sleighs

Last Christmas we were blessed to have my sister, her husband and 2 boys spend Christmas with us.  As we were getting things ready Christmas eve my brother-in-law pulls out these candy sleighs that he had made for each of the kids. I thought they were so impressive!  Easy to make and super cute!  Take a look. . .
Supplies needed:  2 candy canes, 1 large Kit Kat, 10 mini candy bars, tape, double sided tape, glitter tape and bow

He taped the candy canes to the bottom of a kit kat.  Then he used double sided tape to attach the mini candy bars in rows on top of the kit kat.

This is the top before he put the bow on. He went around it to "wrap" it with glitter tape which we found at Wal-mart for $.97 in their craft area.

A super cute, easy, candy sleigh.  Just stick a bow on top and ready for giving!  No cooking involved!

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