Monday, December 15, 2014

2014 Daily December 15--Blue Jeans Week 50

3 basketball games, 2 Christmas concerts, 2 Christmas parties and a little bit of everything else mixed in sums up our week.  It was a crazy, busy, but good week.  Take a look. . .
Super proud of my basketball girls.  Miss E in the white is finishing up her season this week.  Miss O in the blue is just starting her first high school season.  I thought it was cool they both ended up with the same #12!  They both work very hard on and off the court.  They are awesome!

Got up to the city today to finish up Christmas shopping and to have lunch with some girlfriends that I haven't seen in a really long time.  We used to live in the city almost 15 years ago, and these were some of my best friends there.  So fun to get together for a few hours and catch up!  

Miss E's last basketball game of the season.  She did awesome!  It was her first year to ever play, and she started on the A team every game.  Way to go Miss E!  Excited to see what her team does next year!

Christmas concert #2 of 4 for the season.  Tonight was the high school band Christmas concert.  There are 3 French horns in the band, and Miss A and Miss O are 2 of them.  They did an awesome job!

Christmas party #1 of the week.  Ben's work party--they did an ugly Christmas sweater party.  Loved it!  He is so blessed to work with great people!

Christmas concert #3 of 4.  This was the middle school Christmas concert.  Miss E plays in the regular band and then the jazz band.  Her jazz band was amazing!  She also found out she made it to state middle school band!  Way to go Miss E on the trombone!!!

Christmas Party #2 for the week.  This was our church Christmas party, and they did a little program and had the kids put on the Nativity.  Miss O was so excited she got to be Mary and have a real, live little baby for Baby Jesus.  She loved that!  I love her look in this shot.  She loves little kids and babies and was in heaven doing this!

Thanks for visiting!  Come back often!  I am doing daily December posting this month.  
Have a great one!


  1. She looks so sweet with that baby. How fun to have a real one. Love the ugly sweater party and all the games and concerts. I hope you get to relax Christmas week.

  2. Congrats Miss E on state middle school band! Too bad we don't live in the same state or we could see each other at the concert!

    The expression on Miss O's face looking at that baby is incredible. GREAT shot!