Wednesday, December 24, 2014

2014 Daily December 24--Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is a big deal in our family.  It involves a lot of music and traditions.  We love it!  These pictures are from last year, but we do the same thing every year.
We start out in the afternoon going next door to our amazing neighbors.  We love them so much.  The kids always perform for them on Christmas Eve.  Mr J was playing some Christmas songs here.

Miss O and Miss E did a duet on their horns which was really good.

And Miss A played a beautiful piano piece.  We enjoy spending the time with them and also exchange gifts.  We are blessed with the best neighbors!

Then we have a big dinner at our house in the evening with family and friends.  After dinner it is music again--all the kids starting from the youngest to oldest play Christmas songs--some we sing to and some we just listen to.

Then either Ben or my Dad reads the Christmas story from the Bible and the kids and others act out the Nativity.

Everyone has a lot of fun with that!

And then we end off the night with our tradition of the kids opening one gift--new PJ's.  Then everyone tries to go to sleep so Santa can come :)  The kids always end up sleeping together in Miss A's room.  So they don't get to sleep too quickly :)

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!!!

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