Saturday, December 27, 2014

A birthday

So my oldest child turned 17 this week.  17!!!!  SEVENTEEN!!! How in the world did she get that old?  I am certainly way to young to have a 17 year old!  But considering our 19th wedding anniversary is tomorrow, I guess it works, but man alive, where did the time go?
She is an absolutely amazing young woman who I admire so much.  She didn't want a cake for her birthday, she wanted an ice cream buffet, so we got eggnog, gingerbread, pumpkin, hot chocolate and grape sherbet ice cream for her "cake" to celebrate.  She has a scoop of each in her bowl with a candle on top.   

She got these cute new boots and coat.  She is such a hard worker, so kind, considerate and major talented--she sings, plays the piano and French horn and is so smart.  She blesses my life everyday, and I admire her strength and courage.  Sure love you Miss A!  What a blessing you are in my life!  

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