Saturday, December 19, 2015

2015 Daily December 19--favorite games

We love games at our house.  We always get at least one new one for Christmas, and I can't share what that one is now, but will later because someone might see :)  Anyway, wanted to share a few of our other favorite games in case you needed a last minute gift--these are all good and have our stamp of approval :)  Enjoy!
Jenga--can you get more class that that?  After Thanksgiving the big and little people all loved playing this.

Q-Bitz--this game is kept under our Christmas tree because we like to play it all the time, and you can play it really quickly or for longer periods.  Lots of fun-- no reading required so any age can play.  Miss E played Q-bitz Extreme at school and says that is even better--maybe on the gift list for next year.

Settlers of Catan--a classic board game we love.  Miss A just had a group of high school friends get together and play this for a few hours.  They all loved it!  Several went home and ordered it right after they were done.

Tenzi--a super fun dice game, and I would suggest when you buy it you get the "77 ways to play Tenzi" card pack to go with it.  So much fun!  We got the 6 pack of dice for our family.  

What games do you like?

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