Tuesday, December 22, 2015

2015 Daily December 22--Week 51

So, so glad this last week is over!  So glad break has started!  So looking forward to Christmas!  But before we get there, take a look at our last week of crazy. . .
I think all of us are just so tired!  Miss E fell asleep really early by the Christmas tree tonight.  One tired out girl.

Gingerbread cookies are a must at Christmas, and I found time to fit them in this week.  So yum!  I use Mel's Kitchen Cafe recipe here.

Ben got our outside Christmas lights up, and they look awesome!  You can see a part of our huge tree in the living room window.

Had a fun experience to go Christmas shopping with the high school marching band.

This whole group invaded Wal-mart at 8 a.m. Wednesday morning.  They had saved their money from marching in parades in the fall to buy Christmas presents for 10 lucky kids.  I went around with Miss O's group to buy for a little girl.  It was a neat experience.

Our 4th and final school Christmas program of the season--middle school band and jazz band.  Miss E in up there playing the trombone in her amazing jazz band.

Enjoying our tradition of reading a Christmas story each night--Miss O reading with Mr J looking at the pictures.

And we finally hit the weekend!  Yeah!  The kids needed to wind down and enjoy some relaxing time and played some games.

Hope you have a blessed and wonderful Christmas!  Thanks for visiting!

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  1. So glad you can all have a break now and relax. Your house lights look great and love how you can see the tree in the window. We don't really have any main room front facing windows to do that with. How great of the band to save money and shop for kids. I love that they shopped in uniform too :0) Have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy your much deserved downtime!