Friday, December 4, 2015

2015 Daily December 4--Christmas pillowcases

I post this every year because it is so popular.  Make Christmas pillowcases a tradition in your home!  Enjoy!

Christmas pillowcases have been a tradition in my family for as long as I can remember.  Every December 1st growing up we would get a package from my DeeDee (Grandma) and in it there would be Christmas cookies, a new Christmas pillowcase she had made for each of us, and this poem. . .

December the first starts a magical time,
With all sorts of color, rhythm and rhyme.
Sugar plum fairies will dance in your head
If you'll put this pillowcase on your bed.
The reason it's special, as you will soon see,
Is that it's been dusted with Christmas fantasy.
Visions of candy canes, Santa, and such
Will fill each dream with pleasure so much,
That when it comes the time for it to be washed,
Do it quickly so no magic is lost.

So I grew up getting these awesome pillowcases, and then my DeeDee has made them for my kids since they were little, and then I have been passing the tradition along to Ben's brothers and sisters and their families.  I realize the poem says "the first," but you can change that to any date "the tenth," "the twentieth" etc.  Get some dusted Christmas fantasy in your house! :)

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  1. Aww your DeeDee is awesome! What a fantastic tradition!